How To Use CM5700™

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CM5700™ Product Manual

Make An Espresso with CM5700™

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How to Set the Volume for CM5700

How to Solve the Issue of High Pressure

How to Solve the Issue of Low Pressure

Troubleshooting About the Grinder!

Troubleshooting About the Red Light On Grinder! 

FAQS & Troubleshooting

Machine is not functioning.

  • No power. Insert the power plug into a live socket.

No steam; No coffee flow.

  • Not enough water in the water tank, or the pump is unable to pump water from the tank. Check whether the water tank is sufficiently filled and correctly attached. 

  • The steam nozzle/hot water nozzle is blocked. Soak the steam nozzle in water and clean it with the cleaning needle

Water is escaping from the side of the filter holder.

  • Too much ground coffee in the brewing filter. Remove the filter holder, clean the rim with a small sponge and check the coffee quantity.

  • There are coffee grounds on the gasket of the filter holder bracket. Remove any coffee residues.

Espresso is not strong enough.

  • Reduce the level of the degree of grinding pre-selection or compress the ground coffee in the brewing filter with more force

Espresso is not hot enough.

  •  Rinse through the brewing unit once without the filter holder. To do this, place a wide coffee cup under the filter holder bracket and press the button for single espresso . Pre-heat the espresso cup. To do this place the cup under the steam nozzle/hot water nozzle , fill it with hot water and let it warm up by pressing the HOT-WATER button .

Water is escaping from the side of the filter holder.

  • Increase the level of the degree of grinding pre-selection, or compress the ground coffee with less force in the brewing filter.

  • The machine is affected by lime scale. Descale the machine (Descaling the espresso machine).

Grinding mechanism not functioning. The standby indicator for the grinding mechanism is flashing red.

  • The grinding mechanism has a temperature protection device. Please switch the appliance off, as soon as the grinding mechanism has become too hot and the standby indicator for the grinding mechanism is flashing red. Remove the power plug from the socket and allow the appliance to cool down for at least 5-10 minutes. 

  • The grinding mechanism has been removed or is not engaged correctly

After switching on the espresso machine, only the ON/OFF button lights up and not all four round illuminated buttons. The appliance is not heating up.

  • Set the steam volume controller to “OFF” position. Otherwise, the steam unit will only heat up the steam nozzle.



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