How To Use KWG-250H

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KWG-250H Product Manual

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Grinding for Espresso Coffee

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Cleaning and Maintenance

FAQS & Troubleshooting

Grinder does not start after pressing Start/Stop button.

  • Grinder not plugged in.

  • Plug power cord into power outlet.

  • Grinder has overheated.

  • Remove power plug from power outlet. Leave for 30 minutes to cool down before using again.

  • Bean hopper not attached correctly.

  • Lock bean hopper into position.

Motor starts but no ground coffee or less ground coffee coming from grind outlet.

  • Incorrect button pressed.

  • Press Start/Stop button to activate.

  • No coffee beans in bean hopper.

  • Fill bean hopper with fresh coee beans.

  • Grinder/bean hopper is blocked.

  • Remove bean hopper. Inspect bean hopper and burrs for blockage. Clean the blocked chute and burrs, then try again.

  • Moist beans or oily beans.

  • Use freshly beans.

Motor starts but operates with a loud "racket" noise.

  • Grinder is blocked with foreign item or chute is blocked. /Moisture clogging grinder./Moist beans or oily beans.

  • Remove bean hopper, inspect burrs and remove any foreign body.

    Clean burrs and chute.

    Leave burrs to dry thoroughly before re-assembling.

    You can use a hair dryer to blow air into grinder inlet (lower burr) to dry.

Unable to lock bean hopper into position.

  • Coee beans obstructing bean hopper locking device.

  • Remove bean hopper. Clear coffee beans from top of burrs. Re-lock the hopper into position & try again.

Not enough / too much coffee grind.

  • Grind amount requires adjustment.

  • Press Grind amount button or SHOT button to change grind amount.

"E1" displayed on the LED screen when press the Start/Stop button

  • Bean hopper not attached correctly.

  • Lock bean hopper into position.

  • Grinder is faulty.

  • Contact our customer support.



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