Introducing the Casabrews CM1712: Your New Coffee Companion

April 11, 2024


Hey there, coffee lovers! Get ready to meet your new best friend in the morning rush – Casabrew CM1712 2-in-1 Coffee Maker! Envision opening your eyes every morning with the delightful smell of strong coffee, with its strength to your preference.

With its modern design and user-friendly technology, this coffee machine is about to transform your daily coffee preparation.

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  • "With its modern design and user-friendly technology, this coffee machine is about to transform your daily coffee preparation."

"With its modern design and user-friendly technology, this coffee machine is about to transform your daily coffee preparation."

Versatile Brewing Options: It's About Coffee You Enjoy!

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all coffee brewing with the Casabrews CM1712. With its awesome features, you get a plethora of brewing choices. Long gone are the good old days when you had to decide between the convenience of K-cups and the rich flavour of ground coffee. Now you can enjoy both!

The revolutionary design of the CM1712 allows for effortless shifting between the capsule holder, which lets you use your preferred K-cups, and a ground coffee holder, which gives you a fresh grind whenever you require it. Whether you want to have coffee that is fast and ready at hand or dream about the real taste of those carefully ground beans, whatever you decide, it's your call.

The CM1712 coffee maker is designed to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of individual coffee lovers. It has various brew sizes that users can choose from according to their liking.

A wide range of options, from 6 oz to 14 oz, gives you the opportunity to make the coffee as strong as you wish or in a particular volume you want to consume.

Product details

  • Power: 1050W

  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz

  • Dimension: 9.06x 5.63x 11.30inches 

  • Capacity of water tank: 420ml/14oz

  • Weight: 3.96lbs

  • Colour: Original Silver

  • Noise: BA≤75

  • Function: Single serve for K-cup and coffee ground

Product Highlights:

  • 2 in 1 Coffee Maker for K Cup & Ground Coffee

  • Intelligent Auto-sleep Feature

  • Auto Descaling Reminder & Cleaning Function

  • Featuring a larger reservoir with an indicator

  • Easy-to-use One Button Operation

  • Stylish and Compact Design

Fast Brewing Technology

Mornings are hectic, and you don't have time to waste waiting for your coffee to brew. Sitting around and waiting for your coffee to brew during a busy schedule is unnecessary. Nope, not anymore! Thanks to its brand new fast brewing systems, you'll be able to have piping hot coffee ready in incredible minutes.

Yes, you have read it correctly—no more insane waiting or impatient foot-tapping while you stare at the coffee machine. Bye-bye to the hassle of waiting forever; instead, the instant caffeine is here!

Minimalist, Space-Saving, and Pareto's Design

Those who think that a stylish machine can't be practical most definitely still need to meet the CASAbrews CM1712! This petite powerhouse is not only about your daily cup of joe but also highlights an elegant atmosphere in your home kitchen.

But here's the best part: what makes the CM1712 even more attractive for its sleek design is its many advantages in production.

Its ability to accommodate the smallest kitchen items is due merely to the small size of this device. This means you can store it on any countertop, granted you have several such opportunities.

Instant Brewing Made Easy With the Power of Your Fingertips

Yes, because honestly, it would be the last thing we want to take care of in the morning, right? The reason is that it has been built in a way that is as simple as you can get.

This coffee maker stands out with its one-button operation, which allows one to start brewing the morning coffee while still in bed. The coffee machine brings your favourite brews to life, whether you rely on convenient K-cups or enjoy the ritual of hand-grinding your beans.

You can choose your preferred brewing style with just a press of a button. Simply press the 'CAPSULE' or 'GROUND' button to brew hot coffee. Thanks to this amazing machine, you won't have to struggle with divergent settings or enigmatic manuals—you just need to press a button to drink a cappuccino, caffé latte, or any other coffee-based delight!

Hands-free Self-Cleaning Feature

Let's be honest: cleaning the coffee maker is one of the least exciting tasks added to your to-do list today. However, since the machine is so simple to operate, maintenance is undoubtedly a breeze with the CM1712 model from Casabrews.

The CM1712 has some nifty features to ensure you can easily clean and maintain it in great condition. Let's first have the descaling reminder. This useful reminder function will also allow you to know in advance when you need to take your coffee maker apart and clean it, which will ensure that your coffee beverages will always be as delicious as the very first.

Five simultaneous flashes of all buttons indicate descaling. To start the self-cleaning process, add the descaling solution and water proportionally, then press the CAPSULE button. This will prevent clogging and extend the life of your single-serve brewers.

Moreover, if you need further cleaning, the machine's self-cleaning mechanism has you sorted. Just follow the directions and let the coffee maker do the work. You will no longer have to cleanse manually—quickly sit back, relax, and let the CM1712 do your bidding.


Why can your coffee maker not be triggered to turn on and off only when needed and not the whole time? The CM1712 top energy-efficient model from CASABREWS is the best solution for energy-saving needs. In less than 2 minutes of booting, the CM1712 intelligent coffee maker goes into Sleeping Mode, thus preserving electricity and keeping the device fresh to brew your coffee whenever you want!

Besides the power-saving feature, sleep mode ensures that your coffee maker is well protected from wear and tear, thus extending its life. The benefit of sitting time is simple: by not using it when it's not in use, you're increasing its life and making every coffee you drink as delightful as the first one always is.

Final Words

Let's sum it up – the Casabrews CM1712 is here to make your mornings easier and your coffee tastier.

This coffee maker is easy to use and has everything you need. It can brew your coffee fast and offers K-cups or ground coffee options. Plus, it looks nice in your kitchen and doesn't take up too much space. Cleaning is a breeze, too. The CM1712 reminds you when it needs cleaning and can clean itself. When you're not using it, it saves energy by going into sleep mode.

In short, the Casabrews CM1712 is a simple solution to your coffee needs. So why wait? Get yours today and start enjoying delicious coffee at home!