Feedback From Influencers

We continue to invite coffee lnfluencers to use and test our products and give us the most authentic feedback and experience. Based on their feedback, we can continue to improve and bring the best products to our customers!


Professional 20 Bar Espresso Machine CM5418 doesn't skimp on taste! Features a compact design that effortlessly fits into even the smallest kitchen corners.


Experience barista-quality espresso at home with CASABREWS 3700ESSENTIAL™. Professional 20-bar pressure, a milk frother, and sleek design make it a perfect gift.


Enjoy the luxury of a freshly brewed cup of coffee without sacrificing valuable counter space.


Embrace simplicity with our hassle-free coffee machine. With just one push of a button, make espresso in 35s, cappuccino or latte in 1 minute.


Elevate your coffee experience with the 4700gense: a compact, feature-packed machine for small to medium kitchens.


Elevate your home coffee game with the Casabrews 5700GENSE™ All-In-One Espresso Machine.


The Casabrews 5700Pro all-in-one espresso machine will reward you with fresh, delicious shots of espresso from start to finish.